Canadian-based, world view.

attunement is based in Toronto, Canada, one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world.

We’re partnering with people from literally all over the world to help build our team. This opportunity has afforded us a more global view and wider perspective.

Our competitive advantage.

We operate as a “distributed workforce.” We don’t have a centralize office location where everyone works out of. We also don’t have offices around the world. Instead, our team works remotely, from their homes or wherever they choose.

One of the advantages of our diversity is that we’re a company that never sleeps. At least one team member, somewhere in the world, is awake and working for you. Another advantage is that we’re open on days when others closed.

Our logo has special meaning.

Our logo is based on a stylized expression of a person performing the “trust fall.” This is a team-building exercise in the business world. Instead of falling into another person or your coworker, you’re falling into trust with your team at attunement.

With our stylized logo, you’re not just falling backwards. You’re diving, like a swimmer, into a meaningful partnership with us.