Social media engagement grown organically.

The best way to grow anything is to do it organically. This holds true with your social media platforms. Your challenge might be to generate enough ideas or allocate the time required to create compelling content to attract new Followers and Likes.

Fortunately, the lack of ideas or content is never an issue with attunement. We’ll work with you to develop engaging content for an entire calendar year. Our efforts are assisted by AI-based software and machine learning to determine what buzz is on social media. We’ll then create engaging posts and utilize them into an automated posting schedule.

Every day has special meaning.

Did you know that February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day? It’s perfect for people to share their stories.

On April 20th’s National Look Alike Day, you can ask people to post which famous figure or celebrity they most resemble.

Most people can’t resist posting selfies of themselves. How much more so on June 21st when it’s National Selfie Day?

Each month has at least a dozen “Days” that can be utilized. We’ll assemble the perfect combination of text, pictures or video and post it onto your Facebook page automatically.

Analytics included.

We back our efforts by providing monthly analytics and competitive analytics reports. You can clearly see how your social media posts engage month-to-month as well as compared to your peers and competitors.

We can schedule posts daily, every other day, 3 times per week, weekly, or monthly with rates starting at $500/month +HST.